Hi I'm Laura!

Hi everyone, I’m Laura - really looking forward to attending the open evening. I work in community outreach for a university and really appreciate the values of community building, so thought this was the right place for me! I’m currently into lino printing, knitting, fixing up clothes and other crafty things where my hands are busy so the mind can wander. I am hoping a space outside of home will help me to do a bit more as I’m easily distracted. I also love working on communal projects like protest banners or larger scale projects so keen to see where this takes me!


Hi Laura - welcome to the space. I help run the textile and crafts area so I hope we get you to one of our open evenings soon!
I am currently investigating how we can start a communal project so if you have any ideas I would love to have a chat about them.
Hope to meet you soon.

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Can’t wait to hear all about it and share ideas!

Hi Laura,

Sounds like you found the right place to get distracted from being distracted! :laughing: - sorry, couldn’t resist. :blush:

We have an Open Evening lined up for Wednesday, Nov 30th. You can pop in at any time between 7pm - 9pm and we’ll show you the Makerspace, explain the ins and outs and respond to all questions membership.

If you have any other questions, happy to help out!

Hope to see you soon at the Makerspace,