Hi I'm Jonny, looking for help with some drilling

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Hi all,

I’m wondering if any of you can help me - I’ve been working on making a coin with a design cutout for a necklace pendant, starting with a drilled hole and filing away the design.

I had a bit of a nightmare getting the first hole through with a combi drill and a friend of mine suggested that a pillar drill would be a lot easier to put the rest of the holes in. A bit of googling for workshops led me here!

Would anyone be able to help me out putting half a dozen small holes though a 50p coin?


Different design but this is basically what I’m trying to achieve:

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(Jonty Bottomley) #3

First off, filing will take you days, get a jewellers piercing saw and cut the negative sections out.

So long as you’re punching where you want the holes you shouldn’t have a problem using whatever drill. My personal favorite is probably an old school hand drill - it’s not actually much slower once you’ve got used to it.

I can help you out either way, and with whatever part of the process. Have been making these style coin pendants for 2 years now so am pretty proficient…

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Hi Jonty, that’s great thanks for getting back to me so quickly! The filing is definitely slow so a piercing saw sounds like a great idea, I’ll go out and get one of those.

Do you do your work at the workshop in Herne Hill? I’m pretty local so perhaps I could catch you when you’re there next and we could have a chat?

Let me know, and thanks again for the advice!

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Hi Jonty just wanted to say I had another crack at it today and I think properly centre punching before drilling was a big help - didn’t really have any trouble at all! I even went with the hand drill on your advice, took it outside and sat working in the sunshine.

Now I have plenty of holes to work with and I’m going to pick up a jewellers saw tomorrow to get cutting!