Hi, im Jonathan

(jonathan) #1

hi there i just got my red key fob from the space. i tapped it on the door at 14.35 on 12/10/17

i was told my someone there that it could be activated using this information by contacting you guys on the discourse.

hope this message reaches someone as i’m unfamiliar with discourse and i’m keen to get the fob activated so i can get on a woodwork induction asap.



(Tom Newsom) #2

Hi Jonathan,

The fob is just a door key, but I can’t find a record of one being tapped at 14:35 today. Only one I can see is 16:30 - is this yours?

To get on the induction waiting lists, you just need to link your discourse account to your membership. Then you’ll see “Member” by your name and will have the right permissions

(jonathan) #3

thanks for the swift reply

sorry you are correct. ≈ 16.30


(jonathan) #4

i have linked my accounts now. still seem to be struggling with editing waiting lists tho.

are there any days where you are at the space so i can quickly go though what is necessary to get this show on the road?


(Tom Newsom) #5

The lists live in #admin:induction-waiting-lists

To edit one, click the green edit button at the top, then “edit wiki”

(Tom Newsom) #6

I’ve activated your tag :slight_smile: