Hi, I'm James!

Hey everyone, I’m James - I stopped by for the Open Day this evening and I was really impressed with the space!

I’d like to make a wooden marudai and bobbins in order to try out a Japanese braiding technique. I’d like to make them on the wood lathe, but I haven’t done any woodwork before, so any advice would be appreciated.

My day job is in software engineering (C#), so I’m happy to help out with any web development projects. I also knit, so you might find me in the textiles area from time to time!

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Hi James,

Welcome to our community! I am glad that you enjoyed the Open Evening and that you are interested in exploring woodworking. Your idea for creating a wooden marudai and bobbins sounds like a great project. The best way to begin is by getting your name on the list for the basic woodworking induction and also the L1 Wood Lathe Induction.

See you at the Makerspace,


Welcome James!

Hi @jamesnwalker,

Welcome to the Makerspace.