Hi I'm Helena - I'm a creative soul looking to reengage my hands!

Hi everyone.

I’m excited to come to the open evening tonight. We were given the heads up on Maker Space from a friend in Nottingham and I’m pleased that places like this exist!

Essentially I’m a practical person, really good at making things that are functional, and fixing things (I’m handy with DIY, flat pack furniture and finding creative solutions for things that are not quite as they should be). My main creative outlet is actually lending my brain out for marketing and content creation purposes, connecting people and connecting their seemingly haphazard ideas into something that is tangible and usable. I see possibility in chaos and am usually able to stitch it into words - I take the ideas and visionsof out of people’s heads, articulate them and then help make them tangible products and services.

I want to get back into making things with my hands again - woodworking and woodturning are appealing for starters. I love a finished product, and more than that, I love the space I get into that gets ME out of my head when I’m doing it. Happy to be a 2nd for people who are doing bigger projects too, as sometimes more than one pair of hands is needed.

I look forward to meeting many of you.



Hello Helena,

Great that you’ve discovered us! It seems like you’ll be a perfect fit here. Our Open Evening is an excellent opportunity to get a feel for the space. I trust you’ll have a wonderful time, and hope to see you soon at the makerspace.

Best regards,

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thank you, that’s brilliant.
such a great space to be in already, with discourse (loving this as a platform)

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Hi Helena. I’ll be one of the hosts this evening — Looking forward to welcoming, and I’m confident you’ll like what you see in the space.

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