Hi, I'm Helen

(Helen Quadling) #1

Hi, I’m Helen. Trained as a jeweller & silversmith, but work in metal, wood, leather & textiles. I have a workshop at home, but need a space to make a mess in with wax and wood carving, & soldering.

Please would you let me know when the next open evening/induction is as I’d love to get familiar with the facilities. I’m also up for helping people with jobs in order to learn extra stuff from people (everyone always has a different way & ideas for working) & also helping with open evenings and anything else in the future.

(Paul Court) #2

Hi Helen,

Open evening is tonight, Wednesday from 7:30pm, we have a few people interested in jewellery and are very strong in the other areas you mention

I think Nico is hosting tonight but there will be people about to show you the facility if you can pop in (there’s normally tea and may be even some biscuits too !)


(Helen Quadling) #3

Marvellous! Many thanks for that.

(Helen Quadling) #4

Please would you let me know when membership is open again or if there’s a waiting list. I would love to get an induction on the laser cutter & 3D printer.

(Pete Hellyer) #5

Hi Helen,

I’m afraid that we decided at the time we closed membership that we wouldn’t keep a waiting list, as we didn’t know when / if we would be able to re-open for new members.

The good news however is that we will be opening membership for a limted time very soon (weeks, not months) and will announce this on our mailing list - see https://southlondonmakerspace.org/capacity/ for more details :slight_smile: