Hi, I'm Harry :)

Hey everyone :))

I’m Harry, 31, South London but lived most my life in the alps, very passionate about skiing and paragliding.
My day job is rope access and I’m learning to weld on the side, hoping to get coded this year.
I’ve worked on building sites for 13+years doing a variety of tasks and working with many different materials. I think im quite familiar and competent with many tools and processes.

I also own a 3d printer and have access to a welder and tools, I enjoy taking my time to create, repair or upgrade my belongings and furniture.
My main competence in a workshop is repairing skis and snowboards to a very high standard.

I’ve joined this space in the hope of learning and sharing skills, meeting new peopl, picking brains and hopefully contribute, while having access to a workshop where I can fix my bike,.make simple furniture or learn a new skill while being part of a nice community.

Besides that, i speak 3 languages fluently (English, Spanish, german) and intermediate French.
If anyone wants to have a conversation in one of these languages I’d be super happy to practice and maybe learn new vocab together!

I’ll attend the open evening tonight and find out more about how to sign up for the inductions. Hope to meet some of you!



In your expert opinion is there much market for secondhand snowboards? Mine is gathering dust and after two broken spines due to it, I think I’m retired

Ouch, I too broke my back 5 years ago and can relate! It hurts just thinking about it haha.
Yes of course! Unfortunately they rarely go up in value tho… people often have a sentimental attachment to their equipment and like to maintain it! Rightly so since it’s not the cheapest of hobbys!!

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