Hi, I'm Hamza

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Hello, I’m quite new to Electronics but I’ve been working on a prototype for a tiny wearable camera. Looking for an engineer to help me with developing it.

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Hi hamza,
Sounds like an interesting project. We have Thursday Electronics nights for members where people meet and work on their project that would probably a good starting point to meet some fellow electronics enthusiasts.
Hope to see you soon

Hey Hamza,

We gather tonight, come along!

Thank you both, I should be there tonight!

hey was nice to meet you yesterday, would you like to give me the part numbers of the camera and the baord you were trying to match them, Maybe I can help you find the right one

Hi Andrea,

It was great to meet you also and I appreciate your help! So, the lense was an ESP32 OV5640 module and I was trying to attach it to the board of a SQ11 camera to record a wider degree of footage. I’ve tried the SQ12 and although it has a wider lense attached, the quality isn’t great. The OV5640 is compatible with an ESP32S3 but I’d have to program to run as a camera and I don’t have the expertise for this.