Hi, I'm Darrenlloyd!

Hi all,

I just signed up to the wait list as Facebook keeps spamming me with loads adverts for tools to make furniture and other projects and I have no room at home for any more hardware. I’m at lecturer at the University of Greenwich, teaching Games Development and also a module that hooks up Arduinos to Game Engines. I realised that I need to learn how to woodwork properly as I have ideas for custom arcade cabinets for my students and other odd projects. At home I’ve just bought a Cricut Maker 3, I have two Ender 3 3D printers and a whole host of electronic components I’ve been messing around with.

Hope to be around at a future open workshop.



Sounds awesome, we’ll hope you enjoy what we have to offer. The next open evening isn’t until Wednesday 21st, but if you come down of an evening at any time I’m sure someone will be kind enough to show you around before then. If you are interested to check it out some time soon I can make sure I’m around to show you around, I’ve always got some bits to do there.


I’ll pencil the 21st in. Is there a booking thing needed or just turn up? I’ll probably cycle over from Greenwich, is therr a secure bike storage or place?

No booking needed, just come over and come in for 7pm and you get shown around in a group and all questions answered. There is a cycle rack outside our doors, if there’s space inside and it’s not in anybody’s way you can even bring it inside if needed.

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