Hi, I'm Dan and I'm new around here

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(Dan Harrison) #1

Beginner(ish) woodworker interested in making furniture, improving my skills and learning new techniques.

I hope to graduate beyond plywood as my main material (though to be fair I do love it) and see if I have any skills I can share with other members: I work in advertising and digital marketing, my background is graphic design and photography, and I’ve done a fair bit of film-making, editing and audio production too. Oh, and I’ve designed a few bikes too that I’ve had fabricated out of titanium.

My current space (outside the kitchen door) is quite a limiting environment for making so looking forward to using the space and meeting fellow makers!


(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Dan


I love this throwaway line…

See you in the Space

(Dan Harrison) #3

Wasn’t sure if that would be considered cheating as I only designed them and didn’t build myself…!

(Afshin Dehkordi) #4

Hi Dan, welcome to the space, swing by wood workshop and say hello, there’s usually someone in there…if you want to progress from plywood have a look at our wood samples library…it lives in a box under he workbench, opposite the lathe…if you’re up for making a shelf for them on the woodshop door that would be great!

(Dan Harrison) #5

Hi Afshin! Looks like that’s my first project to bodge up then! #NoPressure :wink: