Hi, I'm Chris


I’m Chris - I’m a long time proponent of maker spaces, having tried to set one up in University of Kent, Cantebury as a founding committee member of Tinkersoc - which I wasn’t able to do in my time but my successors have been successful since! I have also been a member of London Hackspace since 2010, been involved in EMF setting up the camp radio station one year.

By trade, I’m a Broadcast Engineer, but with an electronics background and a tendency to build my own furniture (that’ll probably be my first project!). I also take photographs with film, and develop it myself.

I’m not fully signed up just yet - but I highly suspect I will be as soon as I visit for the first time either this Wednesday or the next. So far I’m really liking the friendly vibe of SLMS from what I can see on Discourse, and I think I’d like a community that’s a bit smaller and more manageable than LHS has become of late.

Look forward to meeting some of you!


Come down and meet us , the kettle is always on.

Just don’t say the D word.:grinning:

Hey Chris,
welcome, i normally bug new people and give them the

this + blood, sweat, tears = makerspace now speech

but it sounds like you dig the volunteer thing. We are still developing the space, and importantly the culture and running of the space.
Your experience with other makerspaces/makerspace movement will be good, we need to figure out what other spaces do best/better then us

i do saturdays in the space helping with build, which is progressing fast.


Hi Chris, and welcome.

I borrowed a phono connector from the EMF radio station guys in 2014. I was about to go on stage and didn’t have a guitar lead, so it was a life saver!

@joeatkin2 what’s the D word?


Darkroom :grinning:

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@joeatkin2 Oh, I don’t need a darkroom. I’ve got daylight processing tanks and a changing bag :slight_smile: In any case, LHS has one, though, which I shall continue to use for such purposes on the rare occasion I visit.

@Dermot: aha! That was probably me/Koen! We had a LOT of leads.

@conomara: yep! Totally dig the volunteering. Hopefully I can be helpful in developing the space.

Lol, doldemort.


Just came to my first open evening. Glad my leap of faith of signing up before even seeing the place was not in vain - it’s great! Felt really welcomed - and look forward to helping make the space even better.

Have some ideas on how i can contribute already, ill start another thread :slight_smile:


Holy thread resurrection, batman!

I thought I’d be environmentally concious and recycle my original intro thread.

I have come back :slight_smile: Prompted mainly be the fact I’ve just moved to quite near the space, so I’m but a couple of miles away so using the space is significnatly more feasible (and doesn’t take me an hour to get home from!).

So like, hi again :slight_smile:


Good to see you back :slight_smile:

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Welcome back!

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Welcome back, great to see you last night!

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Cool looking forward to seeing you

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