Hi, I'm Alex

Hello everyone,

I came down to the open evening on Wednesday (thank you Nancy for the great intro) and was lucky enough to cross paths with the 3D printing induction group. I’m very interested to get into 3D printing (it’s one of the main reasons I signed up) and I’ve already had some great chats and advice already - can’t wait to get on board officially to learn more from the in-house gurus.

Aside from that, I’m interested in woodworking, electronics (mainly arduino/pi projects) and I’d also love to learn how to use the CNC and laser cutting machines too.

What a great community and space, looking forward to joining soon!


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Hi Alex,

Welcome to our community. Great to hear you enjoyed the Open Evening.

You should have received an invitation to join the Makerspace in your e-mail inbox. The invite does not expire - you can join in your own time.

See you at the Makerspace,