Hi, I'm Alex / Aleksandir :)

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Hello, my name is Alex. It’s very nice to meet you all, this seems like a very creative and exciting space :slight_smile:

I am a stranger to the world of making! However, I am an independent musician (under the alias Aleksandir), with a project that I would love to consult you about and to see if there would be anyone interested in helping me.

I have an idea regarding engraving one side of a PVC vinyl record with an image - akin similar to mass produced etched records (which are not engraved but rather pressed with the design) - the other side will already have music pressed onto it at a factory. There is a more to the story of the music involved and the ideas surrounding it which I would love to share with you if you are interested at all.

I am funding my music, releases and vinyl production myself, hence I do not have a budget to have this manufactured professionally - but I am super interested in finding friends to help make this DIY project come to life! :slight_smile:

You can listen to music I’ve released in the past here:

Do let me know if anyone could offer any guidance, starting with whether or not it would be possible to engrave PVC using laser cutting!

Thank you,


Here is an example of a traditional etched record to illustrate the desired effect!

Hi Alex,

You are always welcome to pop in and say hello. The easiest would be to come for an open evening. Next one will be this coming Wednesday.

There are also some fellow musicians at South London Maker Space! Sometimes somebody makes cake and brings a bit of Eurorack Modular Gear along :blush:

As for the PVC, I’m afraid, you are out of luck with the Laser. The fumes are just too toxic.

But I’d be happy trying out, whether it’d be possible doing this kind of engraving with one of our CNCs…

Hope to see you soon!


Hey Mark,

That sounds great, I’ll definitely try be there on Wednesday! Cake and eurorack also sounds absolutely amazing, hopefully I catch that some time as well :heart_eyes:

And yes - after posting a little prematurely I did a little research and realised that lasering PVC is quite dangerous. Maybe there’s a potential solution with CNC, I actually have a whole load of empty vinyl records coincidentally so maybe we can have a play around with it some time!

See you on Wednesday, thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

I’ll be co-hosting the open evening this week so I look forward to meeting you then. :blush:


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Hi, @Glennbo and @Geraetefreund will there be open evening on wednesday the 7/9? I’d like to pop by and say hi.

Hi Dario,

Yes, there will be an open evening on the 7th of September and you are very welcome to pop in anytime between 7pm and 9pm!

Also, if you check the calendar, you can spot the events that are open to non-members too. They have a green dot as an indicator, for example last weeks electronics night. Anybody - member, non-member, robot…etc. is welcome to say hi and get an impromptu tour of our space.

See you at the Makerspace,

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