Hi, I’m Tom 👋

Hello everyone,

I’m Tom, I’m just up the road in Tulse Hill. I’m mainly interested in wood working but I also dabble in basic coding for home automation and making gizmos with ESPHome

Right now I’m putting together some CNC built in storage I designed:

Unfortunately, one of the drawer bottoms has come out slightly too thick to fit into the rebates in the drawer box.

I’m hoping that somebody might have access to a thickness planer and would be willing to show me how to use it?

The drawer bottom is 558x291mm, the rebates are 8mm.

The drawer bottom seems to be 1/2mm too thick, I have a random orbit sander and have tried that but am concerned that the thickness won’t be consistent if I go down that route. Happy to be advised otherwise, any help or suggestions much appreciated!




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Welcome dude!

What material is the draw bottom?

The other option is to rebate the edge of the bottom board leaving the full thickness be.
The best approach is somewhat dependent on the material; we don’t thickness ply or MDF for example.

Happy to help sometime over this coming week.

Hi! Many thanks for your offer of help. I managed to borrow a router to rebate the edge of the bottom board (as you suggested) and it’s all sorted now :grinning:

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