Hi, I’m Rob

Hello! After attending the last open evening, I was very impressed with the space that everyone has created! I am thrilled to be apart of it.

I work in a busy machine shop during the day, making all sorts of precision parts using a variety of machines and equipment. I’m keen to get inducted on the mini mill and lathe to learn the machines I’m familiar with. I’m also very interested in exploring new technologies like laser cutting, screen printing and textiles, which I have no previous knowledge of.

I hope to meet more members soon!



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Hi @Rob1,

Awesome you joined us, sounds like you found the right place to come play :smiley:

While you waiting for inductions, Textile and Electronics are 2 places you don’t need inducting and there is lots you can do there. I’m in the Textile area on Wednesdays and @TracyD on Thursdays so just pop in if you want!

Thanks for joining