Hi, I’m Miles! I work with wood, electronics, and love to make things

Hi, I’m Miles

My range of interests is fairly broad, but the areas I’m interested in most right now are electronics and woodworking.

Within electronics I have an interest in home automation, lighting, and embedded systems. If I can cover some software and hardware I’m generally happy.

From a woodworking perspective I’m interested in learning new skills and making what I can from reclaimed wood (e.g. a table from a hardwood top I found in a skip).

I’m not an expert but am keen on sharing skills and collaborating with others. By day I am a technology consultant.

Hope to get lucky with the draw for membership - I have very limited working space right now.k

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Hi Miles,
Welcome to our community! You are now fully set up, and you should have received our welcoming message in your discourse messages containing all relevant information to get you started. Given your interest in electronics tmr is electronics night. It’s an excellent place to meet fellow electronics enthusiasts.
Hope to meet you soon.

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