Hi I’m Mark

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I’ve been living in Tulse Hill for a year now but only just discovered SLMS (how could I have missed it?).

(I think I’ve requested to join via email)

Anyway, if you’ll have me, my main desire is to get back into woodworking. I have an idea for a very funky coffee table. I did a lot of joinery in my youth (as my dad was a professional joiner) but I haven’t been able to do it for years now, so this is an exciting opportunity.

I can also code (mostly in python) so if you’ll have me, I think my first project would be something small with a raspberry pi. With luck, that would enable me to chat with others. I’d gladly help out in any way I can.

I’m hoping to join you all soon.



hi mark, greets.

Cool profile pic you got there. Did you make it?

Hi Mark! Welcome!

Come by Open Evening (weds) or Electronics night (thurs) and have a chat! Probably the best way to get started! Cheers

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Great, I’ll pop along on Wednesday. 7:30 right?

Yuppp, see you then!