Hi πŸ‘‹ I’m Kerrie!

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Hi there! My name is Kerrie! I am currently on the waitlist for becoming a member but I met a few of you at the embroidery induction last night and just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to show me around and explain how the makerspace works, thank you!!
For anyone interested, my work explores using technology to replicate the movements found in nature :nerd_face: Hope to join you all in the space soon,



Hi Kerrie.

Amazing work! I look forward to meeting you in the space. I have a project to ask you about :slight_smile:


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It was great meeting you yesterday!

Incredible work! What a cool intersection of art, environmentalism, and both physical and analogue computing. The interweaving of sea and computing is a really cool throw back to tide prediction.

A very long time ago I had a project with lots of fishing line and servos to graph some parametric curves.

There will likely be a South London Maker Festival in May and I’ve always dreamed of making an analogue computer. So many fun bits: differentials, function disks, mechanical integrators. You interested in brainstorming some ideas?


Hey Kerrie!

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thanks Brandon! Curious! Looking forward to hearing more in the space :slight_smile:

Thanks Kyle! Was great to get the low down on the whole space last week and meet some of the other members. Fishing line and servos…you must have a lot of patience too :smile:
This festival sounds very cool - would love to chat more some time!