Hi, I’m Jana, a Creative Developer. I like making interactive physical installations

I’m a Creative Developer from Germany currently working in advertising, but my background is in Scenography and Interaction/Product design. I worked in theater before and I miss making physical things, so I’m super happy to join the Makerspace! I also like Rapid prototyping, 3D printing and electronics.
Can’t wait to meet new makers and chat about your projects!


Hi Jana,
Welcome to our community! On Wednesday we have our Open evening if you are interested in a tour of the place and meeting some fellow makers. Also, a great opportunity to get your key. Hope to meet you soon at the space.

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Hey welcome! If you have any cool project ideas I also like doing installations and could be cool to collaborate

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Hi Jana

Welcome to the group. I have to admit I’ve not messaged anyone here in months, but your post did leap out at me. I’m working on a climate project which incorporates pretty much all the skills you listed. If you’d like to have a quick chat and maybe offer us some advice from your experience that’d be great. We’ve received government funding in the past and should do again in the future.

Please feel free to DM me or even better email me directly at v.alder@smartreflectors.com.

Looking forward to chatting :slight_smile:



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Thank you! Sounds good, I was planning to come on Wednesday and looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I’m currently making some Arduino controlled dynamic fashion design, would love to chat more in the future

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