Hi I’m Beth!

Hi all!

I’m Beth (they/them) an intuitive maker with an interest in traditional woodworking techniques. I’m a fundraiser for a small youth homelessness charity in London and was introduced to Makerspace by my colleagues as they’ve witnessed my projects grow in both ambition and scale and have started requesting custom furniture.

After visiting for one of the open evenings (particular thanks to @Geraetefreund for the tour!) I got a really good sense of not only the space/equipment but the community spirit. I signed up to be a member and have added myself to the wood workshop induction list so will hopefully be causing some creative chaos in the space shortly.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi Beth,

Welcome to our community! Fingers crossed you’ll get your woodshop induction very soon.

Send some pictures of your projects, if you feel like it. Lots of woodworms lurking here on discourse. :laughing:

May I suggest signing up for some other inductions as well? Just for example the lasercutter will unlock endless possibilities, not just for working with wood, but especially for making jigs.

Enjoy the Makerspace!