Hi I am Scott, I am unsure what my next step is to sign up, did not receive a 'ChattyKathy?' message

I am an architect by profession and a maker by personality, I make furniture, jewelry, I use wood, metal, stone, plastics / perspex, resin and any other material I can get my hands on.
I draw, do CAD and 3D cad, I also love photography, would love to do 3d printing for product and jewelry design.
I have projects that need welding for joining components together and laser cutting for small furniture elements.
I also have time on my hands to help out with anything that needs labor or fabrication for the new metal workshop area or any other area.

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Hi Andrew,
I am sadly not able to check why you did not get the ChattyKathy message (@systems, could you please check).
To join you need to fill out the following survey after that you will get a email with a link to join.
Hope that helps.


Just checked, you have the message, did you check your messages on here (Discourse)?

The little envelope icon…