Hi everyone!

Hi there!

I’m Ludo, a software/website designer based just up the road in Denmark Hill. I was so excited to come across SLMS as i’ve been looking for something like this for a long time now - very excited to be joining the community! I absolutely love a side project, the opportunity to learn and develop a new skill, enter that heavenly state of focus and flow…fewer things get me more excited. My most recent projects have been fully converting our campervan into a wood cabin (blood, sweat and tears!) and a few bowls/candle sticks etc. from wood turning courses over the years. Being a digital designer it’s so nice to have some screen free time!

I’m also excited at the opportunity to learn completely new skills like the 3d printer and laser cutting.

See you on 10th Jan for the meet up!


Hi Ludo
Love the campervan interior.
What type of van is it?
I have a 1972 VW camper, which needs a great deal of work!
I’m a new member and will be there on the 10th as well.

Hi @Jem, it’s a 1987 T25 so practically a spring chicken compared to yours!

See you on the 10th, looking forward to getting going! Have you got any projects in mind?

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Nice! I have a 1986 T25 Westfalia, which always seems to need something!

Unfortunately I am travelling the 10th or I would come and say hi! Hope to see you around later on…

Here’s my intro

I need to make some flight cases for my wind project.
I also need to make some brake caliper hangers for my camper - upgrading the brakes…

Am I the only member here without a campervan? Oh well, my little bike and I will be hosting the open evening on Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to meeting you both then.


Hello architect here (and my official job title is also digital designer at an architect firm). Cool project!