Hi everyone, I'm Tom

Hi there!

I’m Tom, an Architect based in Sydenham.

I have been interested in SLMS since my partner and I committed to moving into a Victorian fixer-upper in the area earlier this year. Now that we have started to dip our toes into the mystifying world of DIY my interest has only deepened!

I’d like to build my beginner skills in wood-working and see how I enjoy that, and then who knows! General ponderings for possible projects include a self-sufficient greenhouse, traditional window shutters and a table lamp in which my Mum’s first reaction would be ‘Well…look at that…it’s certainly unique’.

I will do my best to pop over to the open evening this week to take a look around! Looking forward to whatever the future may hold at SLMS.

Kind Regards,


It be lovely to see some of your designs come to life in wood, 3D printing and on the CnC, all I’m sure will benefit from having an architect doing them :smiley:

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Hi Tom,

Welcome to our community! Great that you found us, sounds like you got lots of projects waiting to get your hands dirty! :clap:

See you at the Makerspace,