Hi everyone, Im John

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Hi everyone, I’m John and I’m looking forward to using the makerspace.

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but would someone be able to help me in finding out how to be inducted on the laser cutter?

thanks in advance, and I’m looking forward to making acquaintance with the other members.


Laser inductions tend to happen every Tuesday evening or so and upcomming sessions are listed / bookable on a first come, first served basis in the inductions section:


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Thanks for getting back to me, as slots are filled for the next two tuesdays should i add myself to the waitlist on the list for the 4th of febuary?

I’d add yourself to any waitlists you could be available for!

There was an issue with your account not linking properly to the membership system. You should now get automatic notification when a new induction session is posted – let me know if you don’t see anything next time one is announced

If nothing else a longer waitlist will flag to the techs there is definitely demand for more sessions, who will in turn then do their best to run some when they can…

Thanks, ive added myself and ill check back often, hopefully i do get the notifications, ill let you know if i dont