Hi everyone, I am Seb

Hey everyone, I have known of the space for a few years through Andy (thank you for showing me around!) and I am thrilled to finally be joining!

I am a start-up guy and have built companies in the US/UK for the last 20 years as a CEO, founder, board member and/or investor. I just finished a big project and am taking some time off to do other things: music and tinkering! For music, I play the piano with a jazz singer. For tinkering, I am getting into woodwork and wood joinery - for no other reason than the pleasure of doing things with one’s hands!

I have started at home in a home-made workshop, doing small projects (and fun joints!) only using hand tools but I need bigger tools to do more interesting things. I would also love to learn about new things - such as laser cutting or CDC.

I live locally (5mn from the workshop) and have 3 little daughters so evenings are usually hard but I aim to come during the day several times per week.

I look forward to meeting you all and contributing to the space in any way I can.



Welcome Seb!

Welcome mate, it was great to briefly chat during your tour.