Hi everybody!

Hi, my name is Tomas and earlier this week I had a tour of the space, such an amazing place with endless possibilites. A couple of weeks ago I moved into an apartment on Croxted Road so I am right next door.

I am a furniture maker and work for a company in Clapham that makes high-end sofas. My days are spent in a wood workshop making frames for the sofas. I have been working with or studying furniture since 2015. I have a journeyman licence as a furniture maker and I moved from Iceland to London in 2019 to study furniture design.

I am very keen to join the makerspace to work on my personal projects on along side my day job. This would involve prototyping, restorations and making individual furniture pieces.

Mostly I would use the wood workshop, laser cutter and the 3d printing. It would be great if there was a spray booth too, but not sure if that’s going to be part of the new space.

It would be a pleasure to share my knowledge with other members and learn new things from them as well.

If you wish to see some of my work you can check out my website.


All the best from me and enjoy this lovely Sunday!


welcome and beautiful woodwork. lovely indeed.

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Hi Tomas,

Looks like you’ve got some great woodshop experience and we’re always on the lookout for people to help run wood workshop inductions as well.

If you are interested that would be great, let me know and we can discuss?

Thanks, Steve

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Welcome Tomas! Will be great to have you, Especially as we setup the new woodshop!