Hi everybody, I'm Yorgo - I make noisy toys

(Georgios Stenos Frantzios) #1

Hello guys, I’m excited to join the space! I’m a musician and a noise addict; I make instruments that combine simple electronics and amplified objects. I’m planning to make basic stomp-box-synthesisers, a low-fi direct drive Turntable (some help with the motors here would be appreciated!), a motorised electro-acoustic string instrument etc etc

I’d like to learn how to use the laser cutter and the metalwork tools to make boxes and parts for the instruments.

See you there

(Francisco Nicolas Contreras Moreno) #2

Welcome Yorgo!

(Duck) #3

Hi Yorgo,

I think we probably have some fairly similar interests, and I should be in the space a lot in the next few weeks I hope as I have a MIDI controller and drum machine to make, so hope to say “Hi” soon!

(Georgios Stenos Frantzios) #4

great! really?! Yeah we will probably meet at the space then - looking forward.!

(Duck) #5

look forward to it.!