Hi all, I'm Jim

I signed up ages ago now, finally got around to the intro…
I’m a northerner (Sheffield-ish) that relocated to London ~8 years ago, and work in IT consulting by day. I’ve always been interested in how things work, and practical/logical/blindly optimistic enough to give most things a go - wiring up electrics, fixing cars, restoring antiques, playing around with Raspberry Pi’s. Have a few scars to show for it but most of the time things work out, mostly.
Oh I also love electronic music.
Would be great to meet like minded people & to begin with maybe get to know my way around the wood shop…

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Cool, I share many of the same interests! Welcome Jim, Hope to meet you soon!

Welcome to the Space Jim!

We have electronics nights happening every Thursday from 7pm where you can share your scars with other electronics enthusiasts!

Looking forward to seeing you around some time soon!