Heya I'm Sam and I write code sometime

(Samuel Cousin) #1

Hi there

I’ve been in London for almost a year now, via Orlando & Montreal. I used to volunteer at a cool, artist-run, new media space back in Montreal called Eastern Block. Check it out if you end up in Montreal!

I have moved to London to work on a startup that has to do with biometrics & motorsports, and as the initial shock of relocation has passed, I though it would be good to start meeting people making things here

So yeah, that’s me. Hmu if you have questions about RPI/Linux, docker, javascript or devops in general

(Chris) #2

Hi, welcome to our Discourse :slight_smile:

Can you describe your startup in terms of “it’s like X for y”? http://itsthisforthat.com :smiley: seriously though, sounds interesting.

You should be aware that currently memberships are closed , https://southlondonmakerspace.org/capacity/ though that wouldn’t stop you coming to open events which are not restricted to members.

(Samuel Cousin) #3

Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll definitely come around on an open event

Well, I won’t buzzmarket here, but I guess that for now we are like a Minority Report for Formula One?? :thinking: