Heya, I'm Ara!

(Ara Adkins) #1

Heya, I just wanted to introduce myself! I was very fortunate to attend an open evening last week, and I’m very much looking forward to joining the space!

I’m primarily a cosplayer whose found that her tools and space at home has been somewhat outstripped by new prop- and costume-making ambitions. Beyond props and clothes, I’ve experience with woodworking, though not a wood lathe, metalworking (this time including the lathe), laser cutters and electronics. I’m sure I’ll have other projects than just cosplay!

By trade I’m a software engineer, heading up compiler development for a new programming language, and also an audio engineer with my own studio at home. I love to talk shop with anybody, and really enjoy helping people with code and audio stuff!

I’m looking forward to being invited to get my fob and being able to meet you all in person!

(Esther Gladstone) #2

Hi Ara

Welcome to Makerspace.

We look forward to seeing your projects develop in the space!

(Ara Adkins) #3

Thank you Esther! I’m super excited to join - it’ll be great to meet and learn from everybody, and hopefully I can pass on some of my experience too!

(David Santoro) #4

What programming language?

(Ara Adkins) #5

It’s called Luna. It’s a purely-functional language with first-class visual and textual syntaxes. It focuses on data processing and communication, but is a general-purpose language.

(Beth Slater) #6

Hey Ara would love to see some of your cosplay and props stuff!

(Ara Adkins) #7

I’ll definitely be working on some new projects in the space, so if you see some blue hair it might be me!

(Beth Slater) #8

Will keep my eye out for you