Hey there fellow artists and creatives!

Hi! I’m Shelley (aka Eva)

I’ve just come across this space and isn’t it wicked?!

Pretty sure I’m doing this all wrong but I just tried to send a private message to welcome@ but it wouldn’t let me so I’ll let you all know what I’m interested in.

I love wood and natural materials. I love painting and printing both traditional and digital. I haven’t done anything in such a long time that I’m pretty much starting from scratch so I’m nervous a bit.

I was looking around and wondered if this would work for a member run space. I’m really interested in volunteering 1 day a week at a design space so I can brush up on some of my skills and learn new ones. I’m not an expert in anything really but I went to UAL and learned some things there years ago. I’m eager to get back into design after some time out and need to be around a creative buzz again.

I’m an old LCF student and alumni of 2014. I spent a lot of time at LCC in my final year in the 3D workshop. I did a lot of woodwork for my FMP and always wished I had spent more time there throughout my course.

I also did some screen printing and laser work and my interests lie in all of the above really.

Maybe I could come in on a day when another experienced maker is working to help out. Is this something that happens here?

Thanks :blush:



Hey Eva!

Sounds wonderful, there is a lot of space to volunteer.

Next Wednesday there is an Open evening from 7pm ish, should be able to see it in the calendar.

Sign up to a waitlist at www.southlondonmakerspace.org as well…

Hope that helps, sending messages requires an “@” BEFORE the name/group


Thanks Petra,

Very helpful. I’ll have to get a sitter for Wednesday. I haven’t seen an evening out in some time! :smiley:

Pleased to be here. Seems like I’ve found a good spot :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Eva_Red!

You undoubtedly need a break - but just to note, you can bring your kid(s) as well if you like!