Hey, Im Roberto

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I just recently graduated with a degree in ‘Product Design With Furniture’, so am now keen to put my knowledge into action. I am focused on using biomimicry-styled designs and using recycled/up-cycled materials and sustainable alternatives.

One of my passions is working with plastic and a friend of mine has access to off-cuts which I am excited to turn into bespoke furniture.

Long story short, I am ready to get stuck in!


Hi Roberto - Welcome! Designing furniture from recycled and upcycled plastic sound erally interesting. I can’t wait to see what you produce.


Hey Tracey, do you know who will be in today? i would like to have a quick convo with someone today to get the ball rolling. Thank you!

Hi Roberto - sorry, I’m afraid I don’t. You may have seen on the message board that there are shutter issues at present so Arch 1 is closed for the time being. Arch 2 (woodworking) may be open but I couldn’t swear to it.

If you are close by it may be worth popping your head in - but if you have to travel I wouldn’t risk it for the time being. Have you already been to an Open Night? The next one will be next Wednesday - that’s a perfect time to ask questions.

Arch 2 is open as usual…

I went down as it only 10 minutes away from me. Sorted out now thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you for help i went down to the workshop and sorted out the issue i had. I was wondering if Makerspace have a app that i can download?

No app to my knowledge. What functionality are you after?

There is a Discourse app, it doesn’t do much more than the web interface but works well…

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wood work and upcycling plastic, what about yourself?

Prefect thank you. Any chance you know when the next woodwork induction will taking place?