Hey- i’m jess! interested in sound possibilities

hey folks!

i’m jess!

i’m a sound engineer. i’m also a harpist. over the past year my practice has become less of developing skill on the harp, and more about listening to the resonances of the instrument. then, i realised you can build harps specially for this purpose - the aeolian (wind) harp. i’ve become enamoured with building one, and the general field of instrument building ever sense.

wondering if anyone knows about this field of woodwork? from people i’ve asked it’s pretty simple (the aeolian harp, not more specific instrument building) i’ve done a lot of research but don’t have much practical experience. i hope to develop that by being part of this makersgroup. Or at least, learn some basic woodworking skills to get me there. there are lots of plans online that look simple enough to follow.

happy to have found this place, as the possibility of having the tools/ space to build one felt like a distant dream, now feels a lot closer.

(also super nerdy about analogue synths and modular, would love to try some things out w/ electronics if anyone else is interested!)


Hi Jess,

Sounds like an awesome project, will watch it with interest. My daughter had a go at playing the harp but her teacher dint think she was harpist material, she’s a percussionist in Bromley youth orchestra now.

There is a Jam night at the end of the month, come join us :slight_smile:

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Hey Jess,

We had a synth night recently thanks to someone external to the space, we have plenty of people that loves analogue signals here!

We have electronics nights, ita a good place to meet some of them !


Sound boards, I would develop a interest in pre war old draws , that are are thrown away. They are a good free source of wood for sound boxes.

Carpenters always used to select the straightest grained wood for the drawers.

I suspect one of your biggest challenges is finding a cheap source of wood of suitable quality for soundboxs