Hey folks, I'm Niall

Hi folks,

I’m Niall a chemical engineer turned data scientist with an interest in woodworking and metalwork fabrication.

Working now in data science and coding all day I have moved away from the practical fabrication side of what I used to do as an engineer. As a result I am looking to scratch that itch again with some woodworking / welding. I have done some basic first / second fix in the past and am looking to see if I can put that towards furniture making if possible.

Also I code pretty much all day in Python so if anyone needs a hand on the software side give me a shout more than happy to do a PR!

Kind regards,


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Hi Niall,

Sounds like you found the right bunch. Tonight, we have an Open Evening where’ll you get a tour of the Makerspace and friendly makers answering your questions re membership. Anytime between 7pm and 9pm will do.

See you soon at the Makerspace,

Hi Mark thanks for the warm welcome ah apologies I just missed you there I’ll motor down on the 31st instead see you folks soon! :smile:

No worries, Open Evenings take place every second Wednesday.

Just one quick question: Did you get your invitation to join South London Makerspace in your email inbox? I sent one 17 May and some people had to fish it out of their spam folder.

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Cheers thanks for the info Mark yeap I got your intro email I believe so its from info@southlondonmakerspace.org I assume? See you folks on the 31st!