Hey everyone, Ugo here

Hey everyone, my name is Ugo. I was just told about Makerspace today, and I wasted no time in joining.
I like wood and metal working, and I will drop by at the first open day to take a look and start meeting some people as I wait for a slot for the membership.
I look forward joining the community!


Welcome! See you soon!

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Hi Ugo,

Welcome aboard. See you soon.


Hello Ugo,

You’re very welcome to pop in at the next Open Evening on 21st August September, you can also check the calendar for the events that have a green dot indicating an event open to everyone, member or non-member.

There is often an Electronics Night on Thursdays that is open to everyone and a great way to say hello. First time visitors can usually get an impromptu tour of the Makerspace.

Hope to see you soon!


Thanks Mark.

Just for clarity, you mean 21st of September, right?

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Definitely :sweat_smile:

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Whoopsy, absolutely! I beg your pardon!

No worries.
I think I am free that evening so I will see you then!

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Hi. After a very nice open evening I joined the Space. It was pointed out to me by another user in another discussion that my membership is not fully active yet. Can someone explain how this work, how I will be notified when I am “active” and can access the space?

Hiya! Shouldn’t take too long to activate? Has your first payment gone through successfully?

@welcome can you check on the membership status?

Seems so. From my profile I can see the status is “active” and the start date is set at 3 days ago. Not sure whether that means something else still needs to happen or if I am good to go

Heya! @Ugo51

You should be good to go now! And see the members areas and inductions! Bunch of us in the soace tonight and tomorrow if you want to come in!


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