Help with new member @Blomo

Hello just had a chat with @Blomo

Can somebody help him with his membership? not sure what stage it’s in but he said he filled in the survey and has the accounts setup.

Can somebody from @admin team help?

Thank you

@welcome should be able to help :slight_smile:

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Aitor has done the survey today and also today, been sent his invitation e-mail to join.

That e-mail explains everything in order to become a member, i.e. set up preferred payment method, etc…

Sometimes, this e-mail goes to spam. Best check there, if the e-mail hasn’t come through yet.

Not much more we can do from our side, I’m afraid.

I can see on Mailchimp that the invitation e-mail was delivered Sunday, Mar 31, 2:53pm, but hasn’t been opened yet.

Looks like Aitor should check his spam-folder.

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Hi Mark and Martyn.
In my mails sent a while ago I was saying about my benefits condition. There is any way I can make the “reduced” payment for the registration anyway? In the mail it just give the option to make the 25£ payment.


Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about that - sorry.

I recommend getting in touch with - they are the ones that take care of concessionary rates.

Well I did Tuesday or so, still didn’t get any answer. That’s why I am trying to get another way to contact the person who can help me.

Will take a look - sorry for the delay!


Thanks Andy. I will wait for your reply :slight_smile:

Hi @asander1 , any news? Have you seen my mails? Thanks

Seen it! Will try to respond after work tonight, cheers!

Check your emails… Cheers!

Hi Andy,
I was having troubles with the payment but it should be done now.
Can you confirm me about it via mail, and what are the next steps for start preparing my session of embroidery?
(timing, booking, …)

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Done -

I know you are keen to get started, but the onboarding process does have some manual steps that can take a day or so. Once those are completed you will get a getting started message in your Discourse private messages with all the info on how to access the space and book tools etc…


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Hi Andy,
How are you doing?
I was wondering if it is needed an induction for the embroidery machine, and how do I book the space ( I did already booked something for this evening but not sure if it is well done or if I need to do something else beforehand (like getting the space keys or…)

I am also interested in signing in for tomorrow’s 3D printer induction, although it seems like I have to pay for it… is that also applicable for people in my conditions (benefits)?


No induction needed for the embroidery machine, follow the information and videos on the Tool page:

If you need help or have questions, post a topic and tag @textilestechs

For bookings, be sure to read this page:

Basically as a new member (non keyholder) you should be adding yourself to a booking, not creating your own, unfortunately some people don’t create host bookings, so you can also just come in and see if the machine you want is free anytime (the shutter is open (green check mark)) you don’t have to book a machine, but bookings take priority if that makes sense…

You will need a keyfob to use the Space - make sure to read here:

Go ahead and confirm for the 3D printing induction. The way it works for concessionary members is often the inductor will waive the fee, or the Space will chip in to cover it.

hope that helps!

As Andy has said - check out the embroidery machine’s tools page for details on how to use it. If anything is unclear give me a shout.

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