Hello to everybody! My name is Paco

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(Francisco Nicolas Contreras Moreno) #1

Hello fellow makers!
My name is Paco and I’m from Spain. I did a Master course in Fine Arts back in Spain (I finished in 2003). Moreover, I taught Art techniques to Secondary School kids for six years. Between one and the other I worked in a framing store cutting frames, glass and mounting frames.
Nowadays I work as a software developer in London.
I’ve been in this marvellous city for five years but I didn’t have enough time and space to continue making things… well, to be true I’ve done a couple of bedside lamps using recycling materials and I’ve designed a laptop stand, but I think it’s not enough in all this time living here.
I’m quite interested in learning electronics and using arduino/raspberry pi boards. Besides I would like to learn how to use other tools and techniques that Makerspacers could teach me.
I have a pair of projects I want to start or finish with your help and I can teach/ help anyone with some coding, etching, ceramics, design, feedback, Spanish…
Happy to be part of your group.

(Andy Sanderson) #2

Welcome Paco!

I used to be a software developer and still get my hands dirty sometimes! Been working on some Arduino stuff which is fun and other misc projects, hope to see you around the space!


(Francisco Nicolas Contreras Moreno) #3

Thanks Andy!