Hello there! I'm Tom

I’m Tomas, Just signed up to the membership, very excited. I’m an Argentinian Architect turned UK local for the past 6ish years. I’m big into architectural visualisations and 3d modelling (hello 3ds Max and Blender) and have a humble 3D printer setup at home for all my board game and DnD needs, plus some other random stuff.

In addition to my architectural work, I’ve got a keen interest in tech. I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing with Raspberry Pi’s, linux and the like, setting up everything from custom media centers to experimenting with home automation systems. It’s more than just a hobby – it’s a way to challenge myself with new problems to solve. As for coding, I’ve got the basics down, but I’m really looking forward to improving my skills. I see technology as a creative tool just waiting to be explored, and I’m always excited to learn something new in this area.

I’ve noticed many of you have awesome skills and experience, which is a bit intimidating, but I’m super eager to dive in. DIY’s a new realm for me, especially keen on woodworking and electronics. Can’t wait to start learning from and contributing! See you all on the 10th!



Welcome Tom!

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Architect and tech guy here too :wave:

Hi Tom! Woodworking and DIY just happens to be my skillset :rofl: Get yourself on the waiting list for one of my woodshop inductions​:+1:
There’s nothing to be intimidated about, I struggle with all the high tech computer stuff and need guidance learning about all that - coding, software for 3d printing, CNC, lasers etc. So maybe we could share some knowledge

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