Hello there, I'm Hadrien

Hello everyone,
I joined the space couple of days ago. I work on logistics for a small perfumes company, but also love to renovate, recycle and make things.
I took the opportunity during COVID of making an mini arcade table, as I got into retro-gaming. I also entirely took apart an old bike (Peugeot Carbolite P10) to renovate it, and make it my trusty steed for my everyday travels. I have always been involved into helping dad renovating places we lived in, although changing a light bulb at the age of 3 while it was plugged, has not been my brightest idea, but I’ve learned the lesson. I love drawing, painting, sculpting, cooking, longboarding, wakeboarding, slacklining, gaming and tidying.
I’m really keen on adding 3D printing to my list but not only. I think the space has so much potential for personal and community development, that it would be a waste not to be part of! I hope to bring my humble contribution in any areas I could help with!