Hello my name is Meehar


Having toured the space back in December, I have now finally signed up after a long holiday and am looking forward to progressing my woodworking skills in such a brilliant space! Having made some very rudimentary pieces of furniture for my home, I’d like to refine my skills and make something more elaborate.

See you soon!



Welcome, Meehar!

I am Giles. I have just joined. I am primarily into furniture and woodwork. I have some experience and went to furniture college many years ago. I hope I can share my experience with others. I have some great books too.
I hope to see you round.

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That’s great news Giles, I’ve joined the induction list so hope to see you soon.

Hi Meehar, @Giles_Mould & @Safia, I am also new and keen to make some furniture.
I’m thinking of starting with a folding step stool once I’ve done the necessary inductions.
Meanwhile I look forward to meeting you soon

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Welcome, Maya!


Welcome @meeharsh!