Hello my name is Chin

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Hi Everyone,

How is Everyone doing and hope all is well during these times,

My name is Chin and I studied Product Design and Jewellery Design and Manufacturing at diploma level,
since then I’ve been on a creative journey exploring the design combinations of precious metals and mechanical aspects for jewellery pieces. My Instagram is chin.y.k if you want to check it out, currently being inspired by others but hopefully I will have the chance to inspire others with my work.

I haven’t had the chance to go to your Open Days as I only discovered you during this quarantine, I have great admiration for what South London Makerspace is doing right now for our community and I would like to volunteer if there are any opportunities.

Also already filled in a form expressing my interest in becoming a member of Makerspace “Fingers Crossed” I will hear from you guys soon.

Anyways I hope I get to meet you all sometime soon,

“Inspire to Create and Create to Inspire”

Stay safe.

All the best,


Hi Chin,

And Welcome! We’re currently looking for people to machine sew face masks – but there will be other tasks coming up soon too. If you have a sewing machine and want to make some masks we can get the parts to you see this thread

Love the hydro-electric earrings! What techniques are you using to fabricate them?

Hi Dermot,

Thank you for welcoming me,

Yes I do have a sewing machine and it would be great to help make some masks, please do keep me updated on other activities.

Thank you for the appreciation of my Piece, to answer your question the techniques employed during Fabrication in order of use included; Piercing, Soldering, Forming and Polishing.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.



Hi chin!

Welcome! I’m new myself. I did try checking out your Instagram however it says user not found. I guess it got taken down?