Hello, Michal here :)

Hello Everyone,

I just joined the party and am hoping to be able to see you guys in person soon :slight_smile:

I am hoping to get my hands on pretty much everything (maybe not textiles so much, let’s see). I am thinking of doing a few bike projects involving metalworking and electronics, but there may be some woodworking action too!

See you soon!

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Cool! Welcome!!

Welcome. I’m also interested in bike related electronic projects. Perhaps we could have a chat?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Sure @RobertL! What kind of electronics? I am now looking into dynamo lights and charging.

Perfect. I’m into ebikes and accessories

@durexyl you seriously need to talk to @Edd he’s got lots of bike and electronics projects on the go.

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I’ve got some charging circuits, will bring one down for you