Hello - interested in audio, electronics, woodworking, metalwork

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I’m Lewi - I’m really interested in joining SLMS if an opportunity comes up. My interests are pretty broad but focussed around audio/acoustics - in the pandemic I built a speaker system and started learning about audio analogue electronics and have been on a long journey since then. I want to learn how to build the full signal chain, including tube amplifiers as well as small signal electronics for hi fi systems.

I am able to do the electronics at home in large part, but it would be great to have the opportunity to meet some people with similar interests, to exchange knowledge, ideas, and support. I’m interested in using the space for woodworking (for cabinet-making- I want to build ornate/beautiful furniture-like speakers), as well as metalworking to produce and work with enclosures for electronics (some of this equipment is a bit much for my flat). I’m also looking for some space where I can do very occasional work using fibreglass, but I’d understand if that might be a bit much for the SLMS space.

Longer term–and this is longer term–I’d love to turn this hobby into something I can spend more of my time on, and aspire to turn it into a custom audio business, but there is a huge amount of tinkering and prototyping needed before I get anywhere near that point. I’m looking for somewhere to use relatively infrequently–maybe a couple of days here and there each month.

I’m definitely not an expert but could support on simple electronics. I’ve done some CNC (I have a small router) including PCB manufacture, and some (albeit) limited experience with electronic circuit design, simulation software. I have some background in coding in Python, albeit more in analytical space rather than software engineering, but that may be something else I could contribute.

I’ve just moved back to London, after a few years away, so also really keen to find a nice community of people, too, as well as possible opportunities for collaboration.

I’ll try and make it down to one of the open days over coming weeks to show my face and introduce myself properly.

Please get in touch if you’re interested to chat. :slight_smile:



Sounds interesting, the number of members interested in speaker building and audio both professional and amateur seems to be growing exponentially at the moment come join it sounds like you’d fit right in


Hey Lewi!

Welcome to the SLMS!

We have an electronics night happening every thursday night, come hand along! most people are learner there and some are seasoned!

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Hi Andrea, Joe, thanks very much for the welcoming messages. :slight_smile:

Also that’s great there are other members with similar interests–keen to meet some of them.

I was thinking of coming down tomorrow for the open day, as I’m definitely interested in a wider tour, and then yes it sounds like the electronics session would be a good place to aim to meet others.



Will be building some speaker using two ATC150/75 next year .

Just saying


Welcome @mimeto ! Have you picked up your door fob yet?

Hi Andy, sorry yes! I came on Sunday for a woodwork induction. It was 12:12 that I tapped it, but I hadn’t got round to sending the message yet. Do I need to do anything else here?


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No thats good! Didn’t want you to not be able to
Get in!

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Very kind Andy, thanks for checking in. Look forward to meeting you at the space at some point over coming weeks.

Fob activated!

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