Hello, I'm Tom - new member

(Tom Howlett) #1

Hi Guys,

Been hoping I’d be able to get a membership for some time now, looking forward to meeting you all and using the space.

My background is design and ever since I’ve left uni I’ve missed having the workshops available. Wish I’d made more use of them!

I wouldn’t say I have any one particular type of thing I like making, just what takes my fancy at the time, but I’m fairly well-versed in 3D and 2D design software, so things usually start there.

I’m planning on coming to the open evening tomorrow depending on what time I get away from work. Maybe I’ll see some of you there. Planning to drive straight there, don’t suppose anyone has any parking recommendations?



(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Tom,


Yes, you can park on Norwood Road after 7pm – there’s usually space beside Brockwell Park, in the bus lane, before the bus stop, just make sure to check the signs