Hello - I'm Rich, Games Machine Maker

Hi all, I’m looking to use this awesome space to build retro arcade machines, like this one – https://www.youtube.com/shorts/WuA4-ujsBZc

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Hey Rich,

Welcome to the SLMS, I’m Andrea and I coordinate the electronic night!

Cool modern arcade machine! I always wanted to build a cabinet but o would probably go the CRT route :smiley:

Hi Rich,

That looks like an awesome project, lots of graphics too to make it pop! I have a large format printer that can print those graphics :smiley:

Looking forward to see how it develops!

thanks Andrea ! i would love to join - i’m more on the carpentry than electrics, building the cabinet first - then the rest of it is just joining things up rather than soldering circuit boards, etc.
i prefer to use brighter, better picture quality flat monitors over crt and use a scanline generator to make it look crt - keeps the weight down too :wink: if you never had to move it anywhere, it would be great to have a crt broadcast monitor in there, but they’re normally quite small

Thanks Dorine, I would love to use it to print graphics if you can print onto adhesive backed pvc film, cheers

I have a BN20-A in my home studio, I’ve starting printing stuff for shop owners for their promo stuff. It can do full colour on sticky vinyl including back lite vinyl for light boxes. 45cm wide to 25m long. Happy to do you a free test panel when you at that stage :slight_smile: