Hello, I'm Pablo

Hello fellow makers, my name is Pablo Fernandez.

When it comes to making I like tackling problems and see where they take me. I studied electronics in school although I can’t remember a lot, I’ve done 3D printing, wood working, ham radio, coding, radio control, machining. I have ideas that will require learning to sew, a bit of structural engineering and many other things.

I have and I continue to build a workshop at home, but I’m interested in meeting people, in the community.


Hi Pablo,

Welcome to South London Makerspace! Sounds like you found just the right place!

If you are available tonight, you could pop in for Electronics Night (7.30pm - 11pm) and say hi! I am sure somebody will be happy to show you around ( I might be there too ) and it gives you an idea how things go.

Otherwise, coming to an open evening is great opportunity. Unfortunately, you just missed last night’s but they happen every second Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm. Next one will be Wednesday, October 5th.

See you at the Space,

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Thank you very much. I can’t tonight but I’m subscribed to the open evening calendar. I hope to make it the next time.

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Hi Pablo,

Welcome to the space.


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