Hello! I'm Mark :)

Hey everyone, Mark here! Just joined the space a few days ago and can’t get project ideas out of my head! I tend to work with electronics mostly, having built some keyboards before (hoping to actually learn and practice how to use a hot air gun for surface mount stuff).

At the moment, my current project is a fightstick for games, which will need some laser cutting (the case), 3d/resin printing (the buttons) and maybe some CNC work (perhaps a weighted bottom plate).

Or I’d want to 3d print a dock for my Steam Deck… so many ideas!

While I wait for inductions, I wonder if anyone would be up for helping me out if they’re free?


Welcome, Mark!

Hi Mark,
Welcome to our community! Your project sounds great. Where would you need help with Electronics, 3D printing, or just designing it?

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Thanks Karin! I think for the moment while I wait on PCB fabrication, I’d need a hand with getting the case made and the buttons printed since I’ve never used either machine… Got the files ready, just need to make it happen and iron out the kinks as I go along.

Hey Mark, welcome, looking forward to seeing the fight stick!

You probably already put your Name on the induction waiting list for the lasercutter and 3d printer. After the inductions you should be ready to start printing and cutting your files.

Already have yep! In terms of the etiquette for using tools, do we add our name to the space booking post for a day or am I misunderstanding?

EDIT: Just saw the how to book process, all good!

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