Hello, I'm Leah!☺️

About me! I have a Design-y background, did a BA in Design at Goldsmiths and have spent the last 5 years working as a Creative Technologist. Need to update my website a tad but my stuff is here -> www.squigleah.com

However right now I’m getting back into making stuff for myself and have started a small business of my own (launched last week!) - Snail Valley :snail::sparkles:. My Etsy Shop My Instagram

Currently I’m selling stickers I make at home, but my ambition is to make jewellery and accessories, maybe some homewares to sell too… but I need to try some stuff out, using machines I don’t have! So that’s where the Makerspace comes in for me. I’ve been looking to get started for months and now I’ve got my shop launched I think it’s time to start.

I hope that I can make myself helpful with the skills I have in return! Looking forward to meeting everyone and spending some time with my fellow makers :slight_smile:


Hi Leah
Welcome to our community and congratulations on opening your shop. The stickers look great! I just finished your sign up and you should have access to all topics on discourse now.
Hope to see you soon at the space

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