Hello I'm Katie

hello I’m Katie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m an ex Design/Textiles teacher who recently moved to London and wanting to continue my love of design and craft, a friend introduced me to the space so am really excited to get started!

I am a specialist in textiles (particularly knitting and fashion) but since teaching have experience in wood work, metal and electronics (a little bit) as well.

Looking to meet a new community and share skills as well as do some mini projects for myself!


Hi Katie! Welcome to SLMS. I look after the textiles/crafts area and will love to pick you brain at some point. Will be great to have some news ideas on sessions to run.
Hope to meet you soon


Hi Tracy! So lovely to hear from you - definitely it would be great to get stuck in and would be lovely to meet you! I’m planning on coming to the open day on 6th Wednesday if you will be there?