Hello, I'm Gaui and I'm interested in some woodworking

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I’m an architect running a small practice in South London. I have been making things since before I remember. Anything from small CNC objects to sofa, chairs, tables and wine cabinet. Made all my own furniture basically. For my next project I would like to make a small wardrobe, wall shelved etc. I have allot of ideas and a need to use my hands.
I specialize in using computation (coding) in design and manufacturing, but am also very interested in traditional materials and techniques. I’m always searching for the integration of the two. Quality is the key.


It sounds like you’ve got a lot of valuable knowledge and skills to share.

It would be good to meet you at the space, possibly at the regular Wednesday Open evening I’m hosting next week?

Hi Robert,
It´s in my diary and I will try my best to visit next week.